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Note: See Credits section for list of project staff.

This project was constructed with the help and contributions of students in four classes at Lehigh University. It began in "Early American Scandals," an upper-level seminar (summer 2009) and developed through three "Jefferson-Hemings Controversy" courses: the literature seminar for advanced placement first-year students (fall 2009), the capstone senior seminar for English majors (spring 2011), and another advanced placement seminar for first-year students (fall 2012).

The students in the 2011 senior seminar each had special wide-ranging responsibility for one of the episodes as follows: Samantha Christal (4), Brian Cohen (10), Kristen Dalton (14), Stephanie DeLuca (8), Samantha Feinberg (7), Sarah Freeman (1), Samantha Gerstein (13), Elizabeth Guzzo (15), Abigail Harris-Shea (16), Elaina Kelly (2), Alexandra Neumann (5), Caroline Nype (11), Mary O'Reilly (6), Erica Prosser (3), Katie Prosswimmer (12), Kimbrilee Weber (9).

Here is the list of project alumni: